4 thoughts on “Yr 6 Our School’s Got talent Comprehension

  1. Section A
    1) Talent show.
    2) Form a band.
    3) Pet
    4) Cancer research UK
    5) 7:30pm
    6) £5
    Section B
    1) Name:Act
    S&J tap:Dance
    George keys:pianist
    L.Labrador:performing dog
    Billy Skittle:Juggling
    Ben B:singing
    Sarah S:jokes
    2) You might get recognised and end up a professional for what you do.
    3) It will be rehearsal time.
    4) From the school office.
    5) To save lives from cancer.
    6) Looking further into hoping to achieve better knowledge.
    7) Cancer patients, their families, professionals and the general public.

  2. Talent show
    Form a band
    Cancer research uk
    Billy Skittle
    George Keys
    Performing dog
    Sarah Smiley
    That you will never know what could happen to someone with cancer it could save their life
    In the hall
    So they can rehearse
    To keep cancer at the top of the agenda
    That they dug deep online to find the correct information
    Cancer patients families etc
    Influencing public property means making posters and stuff to show the world

  3. Silver
    1. S & J tap – dance. Billy Skittle – Juggling act. George Keys – pianist. Ben Bellow – Singing. Labrador – performing dog. Sarah Smiley – tells jokes.
    2. It suggest that the reader won’t know what’s gonna happen after it.
    3. That’s when the rehearsal time is.
    4. School office.
    5. Raise money.
    6.What they know.
    7.It aims to save lives.
    8.Trying to influence people to donate/pay.

  4. Bronze- Section A
    1- Middleton School is putting on a talent show.
    2- With your mates you may form a band.
    3- You could perform with your favourite pet.
    4- Funds raises are to be given away to Cancer Reseach UK.
    5- It will be held on Saturday 12th December at 7:30p,.
    6- Tickets to watch the show cost £5 each. Please make a donation to our charity if you wish to enter the contest.
    Section B
    Name- S& J Tap, Act: Dance
    Name: Billy Skittle, Act: Juggling
    Name: George Keys, Act: Pianist.
    Name: L.Labrador, Act: Performing Dog.
    Name:Sarah Smiley, Act: Tells Jokes.

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