3 White Learn about Fossils

Today in 3 White we learnt about fossils and how they are formed.

A fossil is the remains of a creature who died. The body was covered in sediment and over time more layers formed. The creature decayed leaving an impression in the rock. Fossils can only be found in sedimentry rocks.

At the end of the afternoon we looked at a lady called Mary Anning. We watched the video on the link below.


Can you answer these questions:

What did Mary Anning call fossils?

What was her job?

What did she find?

Why was her find important?

19 thoughts on “3 White Learn about Fossils

  1. Mary Anning called fossils curiosities
    Her job was to find fossils on the beach
    She found a big fossils and took it back to her home
    Because she wanted to discover more of this things

  2. 1.She calld thum curosits.
    2.Here job was to find fosils.
    3.She found rocks named fossils.
    4.It was inportent because nou she has a lot of money.

  3. Mary Anning

    1.she called fossils curiositys.
    2. Her job was to find fossils in the beach.
    3.She found a pterodactyl fossil in a big rock.

    • 1. She called fossils curiousitie
      2. Her job was palaeontologist
      3. She found ichthyosaurs a reptile
      4. It was important because she can make lots of money and then she can be famous because she is the first person to find the fossils

  4. 1) it was called curiositys .
    2) her job was to get fossils
    3) she found a dinosaur fossil
    4) it was important because it was for 25 mound

  5. 1) curiosities
    2)her job was to dig up fossils
    3) she finded a dinosaur
    4) it was important because she can sell it 25 mounds and in the Olden time it was al lot

  6. 1) curiosities
    2) her job was to be a palaeontollogist because she searched for fossils everyday at the beach.
    3) she found an Icthyosaurus.
    4) her found was important because it was not ever found before in that time.😃

  7. 1. Mary Anning called fossils curiositys and soon discovered that they were called fossils.
    2.Mary Anning was a paeoligist.
    3. Mary Anning found fossils.
    4.She is known for digging up the bigest fossil found.

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