ProjectWeek Videos

Scandinavia in 6 White

Our project week this term was ‘Around the World’ and the country we learned about was Scandinavia. We had an amazing time researching, creating Tomtes, pastelling Northern lights, making Rice Pudding and having fun. We also compared how Christmas is spent in Scandinavia and how it spent here. Have a look at our video and […]

Christmas around the world week in Six Blue

This week, children have applied a range of knowledge, from Geography, History, literacy, design and technology, maths to SMSC, in hope to find out how Christmas is celebrated in Scandinavian countries. Below is a video showcasing our learning as well as fantastic photos. Bronze challenge: 1. What was the purpose of the letter we received […]

Rugby World Cup Celebration Day.

Today, all the children at Broad Heath have been swept up in England Rugby fever, anticipating the upcoming World Cup Final against South Africa. We have been harnessing this enthusiasm to teach children curriculum skills, exposing them to the values of rugby and also the Japanese culture. Reception have been practicing their catching and throwing […]

Resilience in 6 White

Welcome back to a new academic year. Year 6 started the term with Art Week by looking at the word Resilience. They have learned and understood how the word is used in everyday life and how it affects them. They created some fabulous pieces of art using the word. They had the opportunity to listen […]

Thank you 5 Blue πŸŒΊπŸ’–

Wow 5 Blue! WE MADE IT!!! What a great year we have. Thank you to all of you for being awesome and always trying your best. I’m so proud of how lovely and responsible all of you are. Thank you so much for all of the lovely cards and gifts you brought me and Ms […]

Entrepreneur Week in 5 Blue

This week has been Entrepreneur week in 5 Blue. We have studied the entrepreneurs Karren Brady and Tony Hawk in detail and innovated our own summer fair stalls based on sport. What have you learned this week? What has your favourite part been? Keep up the great work! Miss Starkey πŸ’«

Entrepreneur extravaganza!

5 White have been busy researching about famous entrepreneurs today and have created informative presentations about two sports entrepreneurs. We would love to hear from you on what you think are the entrepreneurs best achievements. Enjoy the presentations!

Researching Entrepreneurs in 5 Blue

This week is Entrepreneur week. 5 Blue kicked off the day by researching some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the sports industry. Have a look at what they learned: What do you think of these entrepreneurs? Are they good role models? Why do you think this. Well done 5B Miss Starkey πŸ’«

British Science Week in RB

This week has been fantastic, filled with lots of learning and fun about Science and our health. Follow the journey of our health week and see what we have discovered. Why do we need to drink water after exercise? What does acetone do to a polystyrene cup? Why do we need to exercise and eat […]

5 Blue’s Science Week

This week has been Science Week and Year 5 focused on sound. They took part in a variety of experiments to find out how sound travels and how noise is created by different objects. Here’s how they got on: Well done Five Blue, your dedication, hard work and enthusiasm has been exceptional. What did you […]

4Red Greenpeace.

Today, 4Red explored how the planet around us is changing. List three ways that you can be a better citizen. What is Greenpeace? Why is it important to protect ecosystems? How does plastic impact the lives of marine wildlife?

Shape Week 5 Blue

This week has been Project Week and it has been about shape. The children have enjoyed learning about shape and also learning about inspirational maths. They have solved some difficult problems and persevered to find the answers. They enjoyed working out the clues to find their treasure. A fun week full of learning and solving […]

5 Blue’s Music Week

Year 5 have been learning about music in the 1970’s. They have been learning about different rhythms and melodies which made a lot so songs famous during this era. 5 Blue chose the song YMCA by an American band called The Village People. They had fun learning the song and putting actions to it. They […]

5 Blue do the Y.M.C.A

For music week- 5B have been learning the YM.C.A! Here is how they got on: What do you think? Well done 5 Blue! Myself and Ms Janjua are SO proud of you as we know lots of you are not big fans of singing and dancing. Throughout it all, your determination and attitude has been […]

Keilly Swift

Today 1 White had a great start to your British Literacy Figure project week. They learnt about the British author called Keilly Swift. They used the IPads to research her on her website and found out some interesting information about her and the book she wrote called ‘The Tigon and the Liger’.

Artistic Progress in 5 Blue 🎨

This week in 5 Blue, we have been studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Damien Hirst: We learned lots of new techniques to aid with our drawing and painting. Every single child made progress, as you can see by some of the fantastic pieces of art in this video. What did you learn […]

Book Week in 5 Blue πŸ”΅

Hello 5 Blue, I just wanted to share some of the amazing work we have done this week.. We have been studying the book Otto: An Autobiography of a Bear and have been taking part in so many exciting activities from art work and drama to writing newspaper reports and learning Morse Code. Well done […]

Beebot problem solving.

The children used the Beebots and the Beebot app on the iPads to solve problems today. They created their own routes for a friend to program the Beebot to move around. On the iPad app they had to solve problems to move the Beebot around a given route. They thought carefully about the problems that […]

Building boats.

Today the children had to solve the problem of making a boat that floats. First they looked at different types of boats and planned their own design. They thought carefully  you about which materials they would use and how they would make sure it floated. Then we tested the boats to see if they float. […]

Superhero, super fun!

Today we had a great time being superheroes. We designed our own superheroes and gave them great names like ‘Captain Clever’ or ‘ Wonder Problem Solver’ and designed a logo to go with them. We measured out the ingredients for a superhero potion and acted out the super powers it gave us. Β  The children […]