There are many things that we can cheer and be happy about. What things in school have you done that have:

1- Shown you care about the school?

2-Applied a school value? And

3- Made a mistake but learned from it?

Keep on being ace pupils and  remember to smile and welcome any visitor.


58 responses to “Cheers”

  1. Adam D.

    Don’t hurt people
    Use good manners
    Play with people when they are lonely

  2. Sumayyah A.

    1. Be respectful, responsible and never bully people.
    2. Always use your manners and never give up.
    3. Don’t hurt anyone and help others.

  3. Najma O.

    1 ) I did not waste my food and I finished it all ,I do sports leading and that helps the children learn new things
    2 ) Respect I listened to the people and said thank you to pupils in yr6.
    3) I made a newspaper report and my first draft did not make sense but the I upgraded my second draft and the teacher loved it

    1. Najma O.

      Najma and Sameeha

  4. Aiza B.

    1. We picked up our rubbish so the community is more clean.
    2. We used teamwork while playing a game.
    3. We made a mistake in our work but learned from it .
    Aiza and Bethany

  5. Dean-Junior L.

    I car for the school because I haven’t broke anything and care for people with kindness

  6. Sidra M.

    1.come to school on time and using good manners.
    2.don’t put rubbish on the floor and clean up the classroom.
    3. I use kindness and respect people

  7. Israa F.

    1. I care about the school by making sure I put my rubbish in the bin and not on the floor.
    2. I have applied resilience by not giving up when I find the work hard sometimes.
    3. I have learnt from a mistake because when people distracted me from my work, I got angry but now I tell the teacher instead.

  8. Zahra N.

    I care for school stuff
    Respect is being kind and not being mean
    I have learned from a mistakes
    I smile to my teachers DRA and friends and parents😀😀😃😄😁😆

  9. Muhammad J.

    1. Going to play with anyone that is sad
    2. The school value is resilience and I keep on trying
    3. I have learned not to talk in lessons

  10. Emil D.

    1.Being kind to the teachers.

    2.Resilience,because I never give up .

    3.Don’t cross out every letter when you cross out a word and now I know not to do that.

  11. Emil D.

    1.Being kind to the teachers.

    2.Resilience,because I never give up .

    3.Don’t cross out every letter when you cross out a word and now I know not to do it.

  12. Tyson T.

    1.Yes I care for school resources.
    2.I applied empathy because I share.
    3.I learned a mistake in school and home.

  13. Abigail F.

    Clean 🧼 my classroom. Abigail.
    Respecting my teacher and friends . SumayyahA.
    Clean when someone throws the rubbish awaisJ
    Helping people tidy up RayanM

  14. Aiza B.

    We care about our school by being respectful and playing with everyone. We look after are stuf

    From siyam Saffa and bhavdeeb

  15. Hamza M.

    People were dropping litter and I picked it up .Someone fell and I helped them out.

  16. Kinza A.

    1•I keeping school tidy up
    2• Kinza used the value of kindness by helping my friend
    Abdelrahman used the Value of honesty by saying the truth always.
    Jad used the value of resilience in English by not giving up.
    3.following school rules by jad
    4• I did not know how to colour and I got it done kinza

  17. Ilyas K.

    2. This week I used the value of resilence by never giving up.

  18. Aiza B.

    I use kindness and teamwork .
    When some drops litter on the floor I tell them nicely and say please don’t drop litter on the floor this is school 🏫

  19. Ilyas K.

    I show I care about the school by Making mistakes and fixing them

  20. Mrs Shergill (RW)

    1 Blue make sure their classroom and school is tidy. They always pick up litter if they see it on the floor.

  21. Mrs Khaliq

    We discussed this as a class in 4 White.
    1. Hudayfa has shown that he care about the school as he has picked up rubbish from the adventure playground.
    Marwah has made sure she picks up any pens or resources that she may see on the floor so no one trips on them but also so school resources do not get damaged.
    Ahmed is very careful to ensure he doesn’t rip anything.
    Delilah Cares about the school name and reputation. She is always a good role model when she is wearing her school uniform.

    2. We display many school values on a daily basis. Haarun has said that we work together and communicate in all lessons.
    Maheen shows tenacity in his work.
    Delilah showed kindness when her friend was struggling.

  22. Simeongeya W.

    Help over how you feel

  23. Ariyan S.

    1I listening to my teacher .
    2 applying school values empathy.
    3 English.

  24. Jari V.

    Help others how you like to be treated😄😁❤️💙💚😀

  25. Shumiyah H.

    love schoo we yoos Kindness

  26. Yusuf S.

    I care about the school 🏫 because I Love ❤️ 💞💕💖💗 school and everyone else because we are all different 🕵️‍♂️💂👩‍💻🧑‍🔬👨🏼‍🎤🥷🏻👸👮‍♂️👨🏻‍💼👨🏼‍🍳🧑🏼‍🎤🧝🏻‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟

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