Number Day in 5 Blue 2022!

Wow! Number day was 10/10 in terms of challenge, progress and creativity! Well done to all in 5 Blue for giving 100% and making today number 1!

TTRS Guinness World Record Attempt!

The children took part in the TTRS Guinness world record attempt to have as many devices as possible streaming a Youtube live numeracy event. They joined in with lots of other schools around the UK to make this possible, and we are happy to announce that a new world record was set! Well done for taking part!

Growth Mindset

The children discussed the differences between a ’fixed mindset’ and a ’growth mindset’. We discovered that we are not born with a fixed level of intelligence, and that as long as we always try our best and don’t give up, our brains will continue to make new pathways and expand in size! We explored the idea that mistakes are an important part of this process, and linked this with Maths learning. We then took part in a round robin to have a try at some new Maths challenges, making predictions, working systematically and giving multiple answers to questions. The children discovered a new love for Sudoku! Please see the link below for more!

3D Shape Nets

The children recapped their 3D shape knowledge, and took part in an interactive shape quiz. They were then challenged to cut out, fold and create shapes from nets. Some children were challenged further to accurately draw out their net, cut and create. Lots of interesting shapes were made, including a diamond!

Creating art with shapes – Kandinsky

The children learnt about the life of Kandinsky, and studied some of his most famous pieces. The children thought about how the pieces made them feel, and discussed colour choices and patterns. They then began to create their own versions, using different shapes and angles. They used mixed media of marker pens, pastels and water colours to bring them to life!

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  1. 5 Blue, I have really enjoyed today. You have shown great teamwork skills, tenacity
    communication, imagination and definitely a positive growth mindset. Keep it up!

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