Well-being day in 4 White

What a fantastic day we had! We learnt about Remembrance Sunday and why it was an important day. We created some fantastic remembrance art work and wrote some letters thanking the war veterans for all they have done.

What is Remembrance Day?

Why are poppies an important Remembrance Day symbol?

What message would you like to give a war veteran?


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  1. Rememberance day is when we remember the soldiers who fought in the war both WWI/WWII and died.
    The poppies are important because there were no plants growing except for one a poppy.
    I would like to say a thank you for protecting our country.

  2. Rememberance day is when we remember all the people who fought for England in WWI/WWII.
    Poppies are important because they were one of the flowers that survived the bombing raids.
    I would say thank you for serving our country.