During today’s session we spoke about people who help us in our school community. The children had lots to share and about the staff at school. A thank you to Miss Smith, who also helped us today!

Please take a look at what the children had to share.

5 responses to “Year 1 PSHE-Our School Community”

  1. L Mattu

    What a superstars you all are, we are very proud of you. You have all used kind words for your teachers. Well done!

  2. Zayan J.

    It was so much fun.

    1. Adam K.

      Wow lovely video. Well done to all the teachers helping all children with there learning

  3. Mrs Mattu

    Wow! Year 1 it was so nice to hear you all talking about which teacher helps you at school. I like how you all used kind words. We are so lucky to have such wonderful children and staff in Broad Heath. 😊

  4. Mrs J Patel

    Thank you to all the children who spoke so nicely using their clear voices too to talk about all the teachers and other members of staff that help them at school. You are all so lucky to have lovely teachers and we are all proud of you. We are all here to GAIN!👍🏻

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