Year 3 PSHE: How to be successful at Broad Heath?

Year 3 have been focusing on how to successful at Broad Heath!

Write 3 sentences in the comments below describing how to be a successful Broad Heath citizen.

What values should you have?


  1. 1. You should be kind because if you don’t be kind you are not a good person to at her people.
    2.You should respect if a guest comes over but if you don’t respect and be silly they might not like it.
    3.Exellent if your exellent you are a good person.

  2. 1.You need to show Respect because if someone comes and you don’t show respect then they will think this school is bad.
    2.You need to show kindness because if you don’t then someone will get hurt.
    3.You need to show Resilience because if you don’t then you will keep an getting help but if you show Resilence then you will not need help.

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