Year 4 Language Detectives!

Year 4, remember your important task this week! As Language detectives I want you to keep your ears 👂 open and eyes 👀 peeled and try to find as many different Language examples in your local community e.g. friends, restaurants, advertisements, shops, and list them all here. Let’s see how many examples we can detect! 

14 thoughts on “Year 4 Language Detectives!

  1. In my house we speak English as a family, but when my dad is on the phone I hear my dad speaking Somali. My grandmother speaks in Somali language and a little English. When my Grandmother comes to visit she listens to BBC Somali on radio. When I go to the mosque with my dad in the school holidays on Fridays I hear people speaking Arabic and my dad reads the Quran in Arabic.

  2. My mum speaks French and I speak French a little bit but not that much I know a little bit of my dad and mom’s language but I don’t know what it’s called I can give you some of French.

    examples about French:
    Hi. in French is bonjour
    Who are you. in French is, come on sava

  3. 1 . Hallal meat shop – Pakistani – Urdu
    We went to get meat for dinner and I heard the butcher speaking in Urdu and Punjabi to the customer’s,one customer came in and spoke in English.

    2.Sami supermarket- Romanian- Roman
    Me my brother and mum were walking to school, passed Sami supermarket and we heard people speaking in Romanian.

    We went to Tesco to get carrots and cherry tomatoes for healthy week for my brother, and the lady at the till spoke in English.

    We went to get something’s for the local corner shop, and he spoke in Punjabi and Afghani to the customer’s.

    5.My sister-french
    My sister was practicing speaking French for homework.

  4. I hear lots of languages around me. My mum speaks Urdu and Punjabi with some of our family. She also speaks Hindi to her friends and Mirpuri to my grandma.
    In my dad’s shop we have a siri Lankan boy any Bengali boy they both speak their language on the phone.
    My auntie speaks Arabic to her family in Tunnisia and she speaks French.
    My other cousins speak some gujrati to their grandparents.

  5. I heard my mum speaking Urdu and Punjabi to some ladies at the shop
    In my dad’s shop the girl was speaking polish to her friend on the phone.
    My auntie was speaking Arabic to her sister.
    My mum’s friend was saying some words to me in German because she came back from Hamburg.
    My cousin speaks Gujarati to her mum sometimes.
    At my mum’s work place she has lots of international students they were speaking Mandarin and Russian. There were a few more but was not sure what they were.
    There are lots of languages I was very surprised.

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