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In what way has a Y6 child helped you today?

This blog will be responded to by the Y6 children.

72 responses to “Year 6 citizenship skills”

  1. Zahra N.

    A Y6 pupil(Afsana) helped me and tested me on my times tables. She is so nice and helpful.

    1. Head Teacher

      Great comment.

  2. Sara K.

    Afsana helped me do my reading challenge in my journal. She was so kind and fun.

  3. Naimol A.

    Well done year 6

  4. Elyas S.

    I have enjoyed working with reception blue and reading with them.

  5. Yalda N.

    The reception kids were so niceeeeeeeee 👌🏽and I made a new bestie called Fatimah in RB.

  6. Noah J.

    Year6(Saira,Abdullah and Sar) The were great to work with and I hope I get full marks.Thank you!😁

  7. Awais W.

    The Y6 pupil who are Abdullah, Abdullah and Saira have helped me improve on my 9 times table.

  8. Zakir F.

    ayan S helped me with the water bottle’s and to refill my and the children,s water bottle and to.

  9. Zahraa Y.

    As a year 4 year 6 helped me learn all my times table and I am grateful for them sadly idk their name but I am happy now know all my times table

  10. Kevin R.

    It really helped me with my times table skills. Now I know my 9,6,7 & 12s which Harroop helped me with them.👍

  11. Maryam I.

    The year 6 pupils ( Abdullah, Abdullah and Saira) helped me with my times tables.

  12. Lucas R.

    They were helping us do our times tables

    1. Lucas R.

      The Year 6 pupils (Abdullah An,Abdullah Ab,Saira) have helped me with revision of times tables.

  13. Awais W.

    They have helped me on revising my times table.

  14. Shahzaib M.

    In 5 red, Ravi has helped me in my times tables and division.

  15. Sania K.

    In 4 blue year 6 helped us with our times table .

  16. Yahya K.

    They were doing shifts in the library.

  17. I enjoyed working with Adam and Muhammad , they have great reading skills and are great to work with , I am looking forward to their reply’s.

  18. In 5B I have helped many children read and my partners have read with most of the children in the class and they were amazing readers.

  19. Musab H.

    I have helped people in year 1 I was listening to them how to read and they were doing great and then after I was helping miss so well done to the year 1’s

  20. Merab R.

    In my class I have very much enjoyed working with khadijah.I liked helping her with her spellings and reading .Also she is very polite and kind

  21. Muhammad S.

    I remember helping Yaseen who was a bright child and played the times table game correctly and listened very well.

  22. Asilah K.

    Thank you so much!

  23. Kia J.

    In year 1 I have enjoyed working with Ella and Evie with their shapes and their phonics.They have made so much progress since I first helped them well done you to very proud.

  24. Aayan S.

    Miss Ostick sent an email to my teacher as I was helping reign so I am very proud of myself and I really enjoy helping the Year 1 Red in their reading, blogging, spellings and homework. I can’t wait to work with them for the rest of the years.

  25. Mohammed I.

    I think year 6 helped a lot especially zaid because he helped a lot outside the classroom and I know my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 all because of zaid.

  26. Bahar K.

    The Yr6 helped a lot! 😊

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