Celebrating Women’s Football!

Hi everyone! It’s such fantastic news that England have made the Euro Finals! It is a historical moment for the team and country, as we have not reached a final since 1966 (that’s 55 years ago!). But did you know, that England’s women’s team made the finals in both 1984 and 2009? I wanted to […]

*Year 4 Home Learning – English Friday 9th July*

Friday 9th July 2021 SPaG: To use past, present and future tense correctly. (Do not write this today)   Please visit the BBC Bitesize page below for your learning today. Then complete the LBQ. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/z3dbg82   Please complete the LBQ using the QR code, then tell us on the blog that you have completed it!

4 Red Transition Day!

4 Red – 5 Blue Transition Day 2021!   5 Blue – A Rainbow of Possibilities!     PLEASE READ TO THE END OF THE BLOG!   Hello 4 Red! We hope you are well and staying safe. Sadly, we are unable to have a transition day in person, but we will try and have […]

Year 4 Blue – Conscience Alley!

Year 4 Blue’s Conscience Alley! In English today, 4 Blue researched and presented reasons for and against deforestation. They then took part in a ‘conscience alley’ activity, where they lined up in two rows and expressed an idea either for or against. The ‘protagonist’ then walked down the alley, listened to the arguments, and made […]

Year 4 English Homework – Week 1

Week 1 Homework: To infer character thoughts, feelings and actions. The old railway yard Jack was scared. He was walking through an abandoned railway station on his way home. He came this way because it was a lot quicker but he was regretting his decision. His hairs on his neck were stood up like soldiers […]

Year 4 Famous Coventrian Week – Trevor Tennant

Famous Coventrian Week – Lady Godiva   Learning Objective: To generate freeze frames based on BH values. These sculptures are made by Trevor Tennant in 1953. He is a local artist (he also made the famous lady Godiva clock!). He named the sculptures ‘The people of Coventry’. “Their aim is to express a timeless feeling […]

Year 4 Reading Challenge – Summer 2

Reading Challenge – Summer 2 Learning Objective: To use retrieval skills when reading ‘The Great Kapok Tree’   [embeddoc url=”http://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/421718373-THE-GREAT-KAPOK-TREE-pdf-.pdf”] Bronze: Find words that the author has used to describe the animals (e.g. colourful parrots, silent snakes, graceful jaguars). Can you think of any others? Imagine that you fell asleep under the Great Kapok Tree. […]

Year 4 Blue National Numeracy Day!

National Numeracy Day 2021! Year 4 Blue had a brilliant day today for National Numeracy Day! We based our day around money, applying our learning of decimals from this half term. We undertook a variety of activites including visiting a ‘toy shop’, creating amounts in muffin tins, using spreadsheets on laptops and taking part in […]

Year 4 Blue Wizard Of Oz Performances!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! We had a wonderful Wizard of Oz day here in 4 Blue! The children made a fantastic effort to dress up as their favourite characters, and used some brilliant home design ideas too! Thank you to the children and parents for your support! The children had a lot of fun […]

Year 4 Maths – Reasoning and Problem Solving!

Year 4 Maths Investigation – Reasoning and Problem Solving! The children in Year 4 were asked today to complete a reasoning and problem solving investigation. This was a great independent learning opportunity for them to practise their multiplication and division skills. We completed this in the form of Pirate Maths! And were able to go […]