Spring 1 week 6 (DT Week)

5 White have had a very busy week this week. As a class we have come to the end of our Sciences forces module which the children have clearly enjoyed and achieved. In maths we have taken the opportunity to consolidate our learning of fractions which will prepare the children nicely for next half term. […]

Spring 1 Week 5

5 White have had a great albeit busy week of learning. We have gained in all areas of the curriculum and had some great fun along the way. I am immensely proud of the children’s efforts thus far in Spring term 1. Science has been a real highlight this week, the children have built there […]

Gothic Poem performance.

To help us recall stanzas from our Victorian poem we used our acting skills to consider intonation, emotions, and themes. We had great fun acting and experimenting with our performance. Progress indicators: * To learn and recall a stanza from a poem. * To use intonation during a performance. * To consider emotions and themes.

Spring 1 week 4

What a great week! 5 White have had a lovely week. We are continuing to make progress in English and Maths. We are having great fun in topic where we are extending our knowledge of Victorian Britain. Wellbeing day was by far the highlight of the week. The pupils really invested in the day, showing […]

Spring 2 week 3

5 White have had an amazing week! The class have produced some lovely work in English, demonstrating their newly acquired detective story writing skills. They have been a pleasure to read in maths we have come to the end of our multiplication and division module and the children have had a chance to display their […]

Spring 2 week 2

It has been excellent working with 5 White this week. We have built on the positive start had last week. The children have had fun in all subjects and we have gained throughout. A real highlight this week has been watching the children get to grips and explore the traditional wooden toys. 5 White were […]

5 White detective drama

Today we worked in groups of three to act out sections of a traditional detective story. We made progress by Empathising with characters 2. Understanding the sequence of the scene 3. Using a range of expression, body language and range of voice. Below are some of our examples. How could I show I’m confident when […]

Spring Week 1

5 White have had an amazing first week back. The pupils have settled back into school really well, me and Mrs Habib are very proud of 5 White’s energy and attitude towards their learning. Behaviour as been exemplary in what has been a busy week full of new topics. In Maths we have been extending […]

5 White Week 6 (science)

5 White have had a great penultimate week of term 1. As always 5 White have been a pleasure to teach having fun whilst gaining at all times. This week in science we have conducted an experiment to determine which materials retained the most heat. We made our initial predictions and planned a fair test […]

5 White weekly blog.

What a fantastic week of learning we have had in 5 White. We have been exploring area and perimeter in Maths which has lead to some amazing double page spreads inspired by the work produced in year 6. In English we have been using our powers of persuasion to sell some strange items and in […]

5 White week 4 blog and homework.

5 white have had an impressive week. The children have worked extremely hard completing learning journeys in both Maths and English. The children have made substantial progress in both topics which is pleasing. It has been a pleasure to see their imaginations thrive whilst writing their adventure stories, confidently sharing their character and setting descriptions. […]

5 White – Science and Homework

5 white, you have had an amazing week this week. All of the children have constantly worked really hard. In science this week we have been conducting experiments to explore what factors affect dissolving materials. The children used their prediction skills planned a fair experiment to ensure reliable data was gathered to find out which […]

Autumn 2 week 2

An excellent week was had by all in 5 White. As always their behaviour has been exemplary which has allowed us to gain. We have been analysing a new adventure text in English and consolidating our multiplication skills in maths. It has been especially pleasing to see 5 White collective response to feedback, demonstrating hard […]

Year 5 USA day

As part of our G7 project week, year 5 has spent the day focusing on our key G7 county the USA. In order to highlight the cultural differences, we focused on 5 main areas. American Football Year 5 have also learnt to play American football, a new sport to most however year 5 showed great […]

Forces involved in launching a rocket- 5 White

Today as scientists we conducted an experiment combining alka seltzer and water to see how far we could launch our rockets. Following our experiment i would like you to try and answer the questions bellow. What are some of the forces acting on a rocket as it launched of the ground? Can you define air […]

5 White week 6 homework

5 White have had another incredible week gaining and working hard. 1960’s day was a real highlight and the children’s engagement was brilliant. In english we are nearly ready to publish our amazing alien stories and in maths we have been using our knowledge of rounding to help us estimate and approximate. The children have […]

5 White weekly round up.

What an amazing week we’ve had in 5 White. A new unit in English and Maths plus an amazing science trip as well. I am really looking forward to 1960’s day next week and exploring our history topic further. Well done for all your hard work 5 White. Remember to practise your spellings and your […]

5 white week 4.

5 White have had another amazing week this week. The behaviour on display has been as always outstanding and the children have taken the opportunity to ‘Gain’ from each lesson. In English we have come to the end of our UFO newspaper writing unit and the children have produced some amazing work, which really displays […]

Week 3 5 white

5 White have had an amazing week this week. Their behaviour has been exemplary as per usual. The class have been really supportive of each others learning throughout the week demonstrating the values of teamwork and kindness. The consistent delivery of these values has delivered perhaps one of the highlights of my teaching career to […]

Year 5 White week 2.

5 white has had another fantastic week, the children’s work as well as attitude has gone from strength to strength and they have all took it upon themselves to maximise every learning opportunity. This has emphasised the importance of tenacity in our pursuit of knowledge. One of the most pleasing elements of this week is […]

Autumn 1 Year 5 White Week 1

Well, what an amazing start we’ve had to Autumn term 1. I am very proud of the way in which 5 White have readjusted to being back at school again and settled into the new class routines. This week we have been breaking down our class mantra ‘no matter what people may tell you word […]