The Raven performed by 5Red

Today, we practices and performed our very own versions of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. We worked really hard and here are the outcomes from our resilience and brilliance. What language did you really like and why? What were the themes within our poems?

Year 5 Homework – Spring 1, Week 4

This is the homework for this week. Maths – To complete the maths challenge To complete the maths reading challengeComplete the Maths Challenge on the school website (Challenges area.) English – To ensure correct subject and verb agreement when using singular and plural To ensure correct subject and verb agreement when using singular and pluralComplete […]

5Red well-being morning

Wow what a morning. We have completed Yoga, discussed our strengths and weaknesses and the value of resilience and then resolving conflicts with our friends. Have a look at some of our work. Name 3 ways to resolve conflicts and explain why it is important to understand our weaknesses?

5Red Victorian Push and Pull factors

Today we were learning about the Victorian push and pull factors. What Does Push Factors Mean? A push factor is a factor that motivates a person to migrate away from their country or region of residence. Push factors are often used with negative things since they often consist of problems, distressing situations, and political or […]

Year 5 Homework – Spring 1, Week 3

This is the homework for this week. Maths – To understand and explain multiples and factors Create a poster or presentation with a format of your choice explaining everything you need to know about factors and multiples. English – To complete the reading challenge Complete the reading challenge on the page above. Remember to come […]

5Red Black Country Museum

We saw history brought to life and discovered the story of the Black Country at the open-air living museum. We met historic characters who showed us what it was like to live and work in one of the first industrialised landscapes in Britain as we explored reconstructed shops and houses. We had a great day […]

Year 5 Homework – Spring 1, Week 2

This is the homework for this week. Maths – To practice multiplication facts To practice our multiplication facts. Rapid MathsTo complete the challenges on Education City. Remember to come back and tell us how you did. English – To write a character description. To write a character description of a young Sherlock What if Sherlock […]

5Red’s Detective Drama

Today, we worked in groups of three to act out parts of a detective story. We made sure that we are making progress these were our progress points. * To empathise with a character. * To understand the sequence of a detective scene * To use expression, range of voices, body language, and movement. Here […]

Year 5 STEAM homework

Holiday time year 5. It has been a fantastic Autumn term. You have came to year 5 with a new attitude to learning and it has been great see. If you would like to complete some work other the holidays I have some fun Christmas/winter tasks for you to complete. Once you have completed the […]

Year 5 Homework – Week 5

This is the homework for this week. Maths – Calculate these irregular shapes – remeber to add the parts up together. Bronze Silver (bronze + shapes) Gold (Silver and Bronze plus these) English – To answer comprehension questions Write answers in full sentences in your homework book. Share to the sharepoint links at the bottom […]

Year 5 Homework blog – Week 4

Well done this week Year 5. You have shown many of your values throughout your lessons. Now it is time to show your BRILLIANCE, RESILIENCE, AND KNOWLEDGE. Maths – Draw these into your homework book, work out the perimeter of each shape, and share on links at the bottom of the blog. Bronze Silver Gold […]

5 Red persuasive advert drama

Our aim at the end of this unit is to “sell” a country, make something sound appealing, persuade people to buy a holiday in that country. Today, we shall practice using persuasive language to “sell” something else. Here are the items …. Chocolate Ants Nappies for all ages Horse Manure Moisteriser Skirts for Boys Did […]

5Red’s Spanish Tourism

Today we created a persuasive holiday advert for television or a leaflet to advertise an area of Spain and think about all it has to offer. We spoke to Miss Sahin, who is a teacher in Spain, she recommended a place called Ronda. We researched many different aspects of Spain tourism. History, Sports, Entertainment, Nature […]

Year 5 Autumn 2 Well-being day

Wellbeing provides life-long advantages in health, work, relationships, and creativity. … Wellbeing improves children’s academic performance, behavior, social integration, and satisfaction. Year 5 have had a great well-being day today. Here are some of the activities we have been completing today Sewing – To develop sewing skills from previous learning To create a cross stitch Friendship […]

TTRS Battle of Classes

Welcome to the battle of the Classes. In year 5, we have been given the gauntlet. Who is the better class within Year 5? It will be a weeks-long battle so it is all. Please follow this link and make sure you comment on the blog.

KS2 Adventure Writing Competition

Adventure Hunters takes your imaginations on a journey to create an exciting mini saga… Turn page into the most exciting place on Earth with Adventure Hunters! A jungle trek, an erupting volcano, hidden ruins, a dark cave, an avalanche, a new planet, a shipwreck, a perilous quest… adventure stories are brilliant! They let the writer escape […]

KS1 Story Shaker competition

Using dice and a themed story frame, your budding writer can roll a character, setting and event, then use the word banks along with their imagination to write their own story. Watch the engaging explainer video hosted by Jenni who walks your child through writing a story using a Story Shakers worksheet, they’ll be buzzing to […]

5Red Adventure at BH

Today we introduced our new topic of writing in English. Adventure stories! We went on our own adventure trying to find the Broad Heath City of Gold. Our first clue was … We got very excited and started our adventure. This first clue led us the the science pod, where we found the second clue. […]

5Red G7 week – USA

G7 has been our focus within year 5 this week. We were given the country of USA to focus on too. Here are some of the things we have been completing this week. We looked at countries and leaders of the G7. Then we looked at the key achievements of the G7. We concentrated on […]

Year 5 STEAM Half-term Homework

It’s Mrs Masters here, hi all. So, I know some of you lovely lot will miss school this week (dont worry, I wont tell). So I decided I would provide you some homework if you want to complete it. You don’t have to, however if you want to brilliant. Here is 5 fun and different […]

5Red Turgo Bastien inspired art

We used a range of media to create some fantastic abstract art work inspired by a Caribbean artist, Turgo Bastien We have been learning all about the Caribbean islands and compared them to the UK. We looked at the terrain and climate of each country. We then infered ideas from Bastiens artwork what can you […]

Year 5 Homework Week 5

Remember, to send work on SharePoint and reply to the blog saying sent only. English Homework – To write a library entry Write a diary entry from the point of view of Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong when they landed on the moon.Log in to PURPLE MASH to complete. Remember to click hand in. Maths […]

Year 5’s 1960 Dance

Today, in our 1960’s, we explored the movements of social dances performed in the 1960s, we discovering them practically through experimentation. We also developed our choreographic skills linking and using formation to create dance sequences and performed a 1960s-inspired dance sequence. What was your favourite dance moves and why?

🚀5Red’s Stupendous Space Trip🛰

Today we had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Space Centre. We gained lots of new knowledge and showed our Broad Heath values throughout the day. Here are some of the things we learnt and enjoyed. We had a fantastic day and achieved so much knowledge. Challenge questions How many years did the universe take […]

Year 5 1960s Day

Hello Year Five! This half term you have all impressed us with your learning in our History and Art lessons! As a treat, we are going to host a 1960s themed day! Travelling back in time on Wednesday 13th October. The day will consist of you dressing up in Sixties-themed clothing and carrying out a […]

Year 5 Homework Week 3

What a fantastic first week of work. Now is the time to show off with all the knowledge you have gained and produce some amazing homework. Remember, to send work on SharePoint and reply to the blog saying sent only. English Homework To demonstrate understanding by answering questions.Complete reading comprehension task on Education City- The […]

🇩🇪 European Day in 5Red 🇩🇪

Unser toller tag in fünf rot – our great day in five red In 5Red today we have been investigating Germany. We covered many different aspects of life in Germany. Here are some things we have achieved today. Geography – we used an atlas to find out where in Europe was Germany. This lead to […]