Pretty Polychromatic Painting in 6W!

Today we were finally able to paint our Mayan Vessels! We have worked so hard to create the, it was finally time to finish them. Can you tell me how we know our pots are polychromatic? We used our fingers and matchsticks to paint our vessels; we did this as we wanted to use the […]

Year 6 Planning ahead – Glastonbury!

Hello Year 6! We are creating this blog to let you know about a fantastic opportunity that will be taking place after your SATs, on Wednesday 20th July 2022 We will be able to provide large group tents but if you have any tents at home you will be welcome to come and set these […]

Year 6 Easter Holiday Work

Hello Year 6! What a wonderful term we have had, you have all worked so incredibly hard and definitely deserve a break! However, we do not want yo to forget everything you have learnt – it’s time to keep progressing and the best way to do this is through revision! Mrs Ahmed will be hosting […]

Year 6: Health is Wealth Wednesday!

Today we are going to be looking at how different types of exercise affects our heart and cardiovascular system. First we looked at what aerobic exercise is: Aerobic exercise is any exercise undertaken to improve the body’s cardiovascular system. Aerobic exercise includes activities like running, cycling and dancing. We tried to think of as many different […]

Terrifically Muscular Tuesday!

Today we have been researching all about how our muscles grow. We have learnt the different names of our muscles and how exercises affect them. We have used our independent research skills to find out the composition of muscles, what happens to them when they are damaged, and so much more! We then used our […]

Being unique is what makes 6W incredible!

Being unique is incredibly important to us. We are learning to love ourselves and appreciate others. We have taken time to reflect on who we are and what makes us and our peers special! Take a look at our gallery! What makes you unique? My personal achievements… The BH value I represent is…. One thing […]

Maya Day Mayhem in Year 6!

Today was Maya Day in Year 6 and what a wonderful day it has been! So many of the Year 6 cohort blew us away with their costumes. We have seen ancient spears created, faces painted and headgear fit for emperors! When then got started with our Mayan Vessels: the final product of our DT […]

Adventurous Vocabulary in Year 6!

As part of our latest unit of writing, we are creating our very own Indiana Jones inspired adventure story! Last Lesson we looked at the features of such a story and today we have analysed and unpicked our model text on the hunt for new vocabulary and wonderful literary devices. Sometimes, when we find a […]

Giants in 6W!

Today as part of our reading comprehension, we have been studying the poem ‘Giants’ by Lydia Pender. We answered SATs style comprehension questions and then performed the poem within our class. Could you perform it better? Upload your own performance on the link below! I cannot wait to see what you can do! Giants upload […]

Easter Egg Hunts and Raffles 2022!

Good morning! As many of you know, Lent has begun and that means one thing: we are on the countdown to Easter! Within school, Year 6 will be holding an Easter Egg hunt and an Easter Egg raffle on the below dates. KS1 Easter egg hunt : Tuesday 5th April 2022 KS2 Easter egg hunt […]

6W’s Crazy Conjunction and Co-ordinates!

This SPaG lesson we continued to consolidate our understanding of conjunctions. We were able to combine this skill with our maths and used our understanding of co-ordinates to read the grid below and write our own co-ordinates. We rolled the dice, used those numbers to write our co-ordinates and used the conjunction in our own […]

Chocolate? In class? Yes please…

In year 6 we will be working hard to research the benefits of chocolate. “Why?” I hear you ask; well, we are on a mission to persuade Mrs Frankish to allow us to snack on some healthy chocolate treats whilst we revise. For this reason, we decided it was best to ask some of Broad […]

6 White’s World Book Day!

Which Mr Men or Little Miss are you? We began our Worldbook day, after looking at the official site and taking a little quiz, by discovering which Hargreave character we would be. We had such fun being reflective, we even got to answer the questions for our teachers. Who knew Mr Inman was Little Miss […]

Miss Vega Needs your Help!

Good afternoon year 6, As most of you are aware, the double decker bus outside of Year 6 is an arts bus. However, I now need some special people to help me look after it – some ‘Art Monitors’. To apply to be an Art Monitor, I am asking for you to help come up […]

6W’s Creative Computing Week – Let’s Animate!

What a start to the week! Today, we began exploring the term ‘animation’ and looking at different types, such as GIFs, Cartoons, CGI and stop-motion. Our aim for today was to explore the app ‘Flipaclip’, where the children will be creating a GIF animation linking to cyber-safety! We certainly have some super animators in 6W! […]

Year 6 Homework – due (02/02/2022)

Homework books are due on Tuesday. (Spelling & Grid)Online homework is due by Wednesday. (Mathletics & SPaG) Week 6 Homework: Each of you have been given an A5 sheet of paper to use for your homework. Your challenge for this week is illustration based. You will need to create your own cartoon character that you […]

Any Spare Clothes?

Good afternoon, as part of our Design Week we will be repurposing old spare clothes in hope of creating something wonderful! For this reason, we ask that you bring in any spare old items of clothing that you no longer use or wear. There are no restrictions as to what you can bring in, any […]

Practice Arithmetic Tests – Year 6

Good morning! A few of you have asked for some practise questions, so here they are! Try not to look at the answers when completing your papers. Mark them yourselves or ask a parent/sibling to help! PLease note down any specific types of questions you have got wrong or may find particularly tricky! We can […]

Frightened Freeze-Frames in Year 6!

Today we created a variety of freeze – frames depicting different characters emotions in a given moment. Being stuck on a raft at sea, surrounded by killer fish, monsters and gargantuous waves is terrifying and I think year 6 captured that! below are our frames! Which character did you find most interesting to re-enact? Why?