Skint2Mint ambassadors at the CBS Arena

A group of Year 6 children attended the launch of Skint2Mint at the CBS Arena yesterday afternoon. The event was attended by the mayor, the BBC, the CEO of Coventry Building Society and many more celebrities. The children had specific roles to perform: serving refreshments, meeting and greeting guests, make podcasts, modelling the Skint2Mint game […]

Investigating the number 7 in Reception

Today children in Reception practised their counting and number skills looking at the number 7. They played a game using 7 double sided counters, sharing the counters between them, looking at bonds and using the vocabulary more and less to compare their amount with their partner. You could play this game at home using coins […]

Year 4 MTC meeting for parents – IMPORTANT!

The government states that all children in England are expected to know all their times tables up to 12×12. This is the first year that children in Year 4 will take an official test to check whether they can recall their multiplication tables fluently (this means accurately and quickly). Children will be taking the test […]

Super Subitising in Reception!

Today children practised their subitising skills in a fun game. They were each given a card with a number representation and had to roll their die until they had a match! They can subitise so well that they don’t even have to count the dots on the die face to know what the number is! […]

4 Red light up the afternoon!

4 Red had a fun afternoon applying their scientific knowledge about electricity and their learning from their DT unit this half term on torches. They made a circuit with a switch which lit up a bulb and then created a torch using a plastic bottle. Still some work to do finishing and beautifying their designs, […]

Fun in 4 Blue!

4 Blue – what fun we’ve had this week – I’ve loved every minute of being with you! We’ve learnt cool ways to work out multiples of 11; we’ve discovered some awesome vocabulary: sabotage, defiance, feisty, guttural; we’ve hidden in Anderson shelters to avoid the bombing; we’ve collaborated to produce some wonderful work! Mrs Latham […]

Plant detectives of 3 Red!

This afternoon 3 Red had fun exploring the school grounds to find plants (weeds!) – we carefully dug them up to examine the roots and the different parts. We then looked at the specific jobs of the different parts and found out that all the parts have an important role to play in making the […]

Autumn 2 Challenge Winners

Well done to these fabulous children who went above and beyond to impress their teachers with the quality of their work for the Maths and Reading challenges. There will be another opportunity in Spring 1 for you to shine so make sure you complete both challenges – best to do as soon as they are […]

Autumn 2 Behaviour Awards – 2021

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Umar Nursery PM Sahir RR Shereya Hosanna Rishaan RW Beatrice Ibraheem Jonaton RB Laith Ruixi Jannat 1R Rahman Hassanati Natan 1W Aiyla S Eli Sanya 1B Aryan Fatima Max 2R Hasan Sidrah Jebrin 2W Hadiya Maya Arjun 2B Sami […]

Year 6 rise to the challenge!

Eight lucky children from Y6 were chosen to represent Broad Heath at an Aspire Maths Challenge afternoon. They constructed a tetrahedron with straws and string, were challenged to make the largest tetrahedron they could and then learnt strategies to win at a pattern game! What a great afternoon with fantastic enthusiasm and participation. What did […]

Y6 GD Maths challenge afternoon

Congratulations to the following children who have been chosen to represent Broad Heath in our “GD Challenge” afternoon on Thursday 9th December. We will be working with other schools in the Aspire network to develop our Maths skills and have some fun! Aleena, Esra, Raihaan, Hamaad, Archi P, Iqra, Abdullah Ab & Afsana Please can […]

Aspire Schools TTRS Christmas Challenge!

Hi everyone! It is that time of year and we have organised another TTRS challenge with some other schools in Coventry! This is a great opportunity for us to show the brilliance of Broad Heath and WIN!! Games can be played in the school day or at home so please nag your parents and teachers […]

Year 5 Mathematicians have fun!

8 children in Year 5 had a great afternoon learning new maths games and creating cool models with 2d and 3d shapes. Thanks to Coventry Building Society for funding this event. What was your favourite part of the afternoon? What did you learn?

5W model great teamwork!

Today in Geography, 5W learnt about the human and physical features of Spain. We studied and labelled a map with key features and then worked in groups to make a model of Spain showing some of the main physical and human features. Fabulous work, 5W! What is the difference between human and physical features? Name […]

Year 4 GD Maths Challenge!

Well done to those children who worked hard in the GD sessions this afternoon with me and earned a brick for your class! So here are the follow-up challenge questions: What do you notice about the answers to the questions? Is there a pattern? Will the answers ever end in the digits 3 or 7? […]

Skint2Mint Autumn 2

Skint2Mint will continue with the same Y6 children for this half term! Harris B, James H, Ellie-Louise, Ouzair, Rajbir B, Abdirahman D, Archi P, Lisa, Esha, Marley, Mishal Have a look at the video to see the fun that the children had last half term when they were learning about money decisions!

Autumn 1 Challenge Winners!

A huge congratulations to these fantastic children who went above and beyond to impress their teachers with their amazing work on the half termly challenges! Well done! Autumn 2 Challenges will be posted this week so make sure you have a go!

City of Culture half term fun: The Walk

Head to Coventry City Centre on Wednesday 27th October to see a giant puppet! “Little Amal”, a 3.5 metre-tall puppet of a young refugee girl, created by the acclaimed Handspring Puppet Company represents all displaced children, many separated from their families. Little Amal will have walked across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and […]

Making memories – Dovedale residential 2021

What a fabulous time we all had staying overnight at Ilham Hall, near Dovedale! You were a fabulous group of children who all got stuck in with every opportunity we gave you to gain – whether it be crossing the stepping stones, preparing dinner or learning to play pool! What is your absolute best memory […]

Super subitising in Reception!

Reception have been practising subitising (when you can look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting) using Numicon and hidden jewels! What fun and the children did so well! Play this game at home with an adult – you could use cups and dry pasta!

Celebrating counting in Reception!

This week Reception have been developing their counting skills both inside and outside the classroom. They have learnt to organise the objects they are counting and count one by one by touching each object they are counting. Super work, Reception! Show an adult at home how you can count a number of objects!