Year 2 Spider School Book Review

Year 2 have been set a challenge by Francesca Simon to review her book ‘Spider School’. We hope their reviews will encourage others to read this fantastic story! Use these sentence openers to help you to share your opinion. I enjoyed the part where … because I didn’t like it when … because It was […]

Wednesday 5th February 2020 – Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is February 5, 2020! A 2015 study has found that children are exposed to a larger vocabulary from books which are read to them rather than from conversations with adults. This is because we tend to speak with the same 5000 most popular words. While books — even picture books — […]

2W GD Reading Challenge

Today, Miss Smith set 2 of our superstars a challenge. Umama & Hasbia were asked to ‘create a video about the features of a non-fiction book’. This was the only instruction they were given and LOOK at what they produced! The girls demonstrated their knowledge, spoke clearly and created an iMovie with absolutely no guidance. […]

Superstar reader!

What a superstar! Our young reader has shown great enthusiasm and understanding of the text she has been reading. She followed instructions to make her own musical instrument. We were so excited that we had to play it together!

Hansel and Gretel – 2 Red

What a fantastic week! 2R love to role play! We all went outside to provide a setting for the children to verbally retell story before writing it. They also created freeze frames of different scenes. How amazing they are! Take a look below. What happens next?

2 Red’s little Bookworm!

Mrs Penavega and I would like to congratulate Hanfaa for such an amazing achievement….. During the summer, BH children were given the opportunity to take part in a reading challenge. The challenge encouraged children aged 4 to 11 to read six library books during the long summer holiday. 2 Red’s Hanfaa took on this challenge […]

Passion for reading!

Over the past few weeks, 6 white had been focusing heavily on their passion for reading. Whether that be through excelling in their new reading challenges, contributing to our interactive reading corner or researching their favourite authors. 6 White have worked hard to research about their favourite authors and create biographies. There have been many […]

2W Book Review – Fluff the Farting Fish

Well, I am VERY sorry for saying such a rude word but this book was simply too good not to share! We hope that other classes might enjoy this story too. If you would like to borrow it, ask Miss Smith! Title: Fluff the Farting Fish Author: Michael Rosen (73 year old English author and […]

More from Book and Performance Week 2R

What an eventful week! We had a visit from the therapy dogs, competed in our talent show, created freeze frames of events in our story and lots more. Below are a few more highlights. Well done 2 Red! Thank you for being so brilliant! What was your favourite learning activity?

2R Book and Performance Week

Our week has started off fantastically. We have shared and acted out our book again to refresh our memories, created questions to ask the therapy dog owner, learned new vocabulary, tested our sense of smell and even became illustrators! The story is below for you to share at home. Who is the author of Detective […]

6 Whites Reading Corner

Well come to 6 White’s Reading corner. The children are excited to use it and develop their love for reading. Come and have a look and see how the children will use this environment to help them become confident readers. How will the questions help you with your reading?

Performing Poetry in 6 White!

This week we have been focusing on our poetry writing and performance skills! We have analysed famous poets to learn performance techniques and learnt lots of new literary skills to aid our writing. Honesty and truth have been our words of the week as we have learnt to communicate a message through our poems. Below […]

Billy Bob Buttons

This morning, Billy Bob Buttons the author came to visit us. He gave us some ‘tips’ to use in our writing and shared a couple of his books. We also had the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of our chosen book. Can you remember the ‘tip’ he gave us to help us describe a […]

Wow Work in 5 Blue

During the Easter holidays we set some holiday homework for the children to write an adventure story. We are proud to say the work Safa produced was fabulous. She wrote her own story, consisting of 6 chapters, about five friends who go on an adventure and face many challenges. The story is well thought through […]

Year 4 Reading Gladiators

This term I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented Year 4 children – Reading Gladiators. The club was set up every Monday after school. The first book they read was called ‘Word of Mouse’. The children had fun reading it and the work they produced was fantastic. I have enjoyed working […]

2 Red following Instructions

In English we are learning about instructions. Today, we read instructions on how to make a banana milkshake and then followed them carefully. We were delighted with the result. Our milkshake tasted delicious! Write a list of ingredients and then write the instructions explaining how to make a banana milkshake.

6 White World Book Day

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had in 6 White. Like the rest of the school, we have been looking at the book Flotsam by David Wiesner. We have spent the day re-telling the story, writing fantastic descriptive pieces and capped off the day by creating our own version of the story through pictures. […]

Broad Heath’s Best Books!

Hello and welcome back to an exciting half term! I don’t know about you, but it feels like there is a reading bug on the loose. Everyone seems to be getting lost in a good book – even the staff! This year, your reading corners have looked a bit different. Maybe you have had lots […]

Year 3 library visit

Today year 3 visited the Broad Street Library! We were very lucky to have different types of poetry read to us and took part in some performance poetry! Take a look at the video below.  List 3 features of a poem.  Name a poem that the librarian read to us.  Do all poems rhyme? 

Resplendent Reading in Year 6!

Year 6 readers set the standard! Reading is vital to learning and regular reading at home will accelerate progress in all areas.  How many times have you read this week? Where do you like to read and why? What’s your favourite book and why? 

Year 2 Reading Superstars

Today Miss Smith had the opportunity to spend some time looking at children’s reading journals. She was SO impressed with some of the superstars she spoke to.  Here are Kaila’s beautifully presented reading challenges in her diary. Can you complete a challenge neatly too? These super Broad Heath citizens have been reading regularly with their […]

Talking Turkeys

Below are videos showcasing mood boards children created and they used intonation to read their poems aloud. Please share your favourite line from the poem and explain the meaning and why Benjamin wrote this?

2White Caterpillars Guided Reading

This half term, our superstar Caterpillars have been reading a text called Stitch the Witch. Today they retold the story using role play. They did so well! Now Caterpillars, try to answer these questions… What did the cat have to say when he rubbed the lamp? What did he wish for first? What did he […]

2White Mrs Armitage & the Big Wave

During our English lessons, Year 2 have shared a story called Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave by Quentin Blake. We loved hearing about the adventures of Mrs Armitage and her faithful white dog , Breakspear! During one of our lessons we learnt to sequence the story in order. Here are the Bees using their […]