Year 3 library visit

Today year 3 visited the Broad Street Library! We were very lucky to have different types of poetry read to us and took part in some performance poetry! Take a look at the video below.  List 3 features of a poem.  Name a poem that the librarian read to us.  Do all poems rhyme? 

Resplendent Reading in Year 6!

Year 6 readers set the standard! Reading is vital to learning and regular reading at home will accelerate progress in all areas.  How many times have you read this week? Where do you like to read and why? What’s your favourite book and why? 

Year 2 Reading Superstars

Today Miss Smith had the opportunity to spend some time looking at children’s reading journals. She was SO impressed with some of the superstars she spoke to.  Here are Kaila’s beautifully presented reading challenges in her diary. Can you complete a challenge neatly too? These super Broad Heath citizens have been reading regularly with their […]

Talking Turkeys

Below are videos showcasing mood boards children created and they used intonation to read their poems aloud. Please share your favourite line from the poem and explain the meaning and why Benjamin wrote this?

2White Caterpillars Guided Reading

This half term, our superstar Caterpillars have been reading a text called Stitch the Witch. Today they retold the story using role play. They did so well! Now Caterpillars, try to answer these questions… What did the cat have to say when he rubbed the lamp? What did he wish for first? What did he […]

2White Mrs Armitage & the Big Wave

During our English lessons, Year 2 have shared a story called Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave by Quentin Blake. We loved hearing about the adventures of Mrs Armitage and her faithful white dog , Breakspear! During one of our lessons we learnt to sequence the story in order. Here are the Bees using their […]

Book Week In RB

This week has been a great week as children have quickly become settled in their new classes and we are already making progress! During our book week we have used many skills including our speaking and listening skills, our creative skills and our drama skills. Here is our video for the week please enjoy and […]

2 Red Book Week Part 2

Well, the children in 2 Red have voted.  Book Week has been a great success!  Amongst other activities, we have shared our story ‘The Egg’ and acted out various parts. We have also discussed and written about the characters, their feelings and the setting.  Take a look below to discover some of the learning that […]

2White Book Week

WHAT a fan-TASTIC week we have had!! Take a look… The Wizard of Oz is a classic & we have absolutely loved it! CHALLENGE ONE: Can you retell the story of the Wizard of Oz? Not only did we learn lots & have fun, we elected 2 super school councillors. There were soooo many fantastic […]

Book Week in 1 Red!

We have had a fantastic first week in 1 Red! The children are settling in very well and they are impressing me so much – well done! Please enjoy our learning throughout the week in our enjoyable video.

Book Week in 5 Blue 🔵

Hello 5 Blue, I just wanted to share some of the amazing work we have done this week.. We have been studying the book Otto: An Autobiography of a Bear and have been taking part in so many exciting activities from art work and drama to writing newspaper reports and learning Morse Code. Well done […]

Book week in 3 White

What a wonderful start to Year 3! During book week, we have been focusing on ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad book?’ by Lauren Child. This week we have been so busy reading, writing, collecting data, measuring, drama, problem solving and much more! We used the green screen room to act out part of the […]

The Jungle Book – 3 Blue

What an amazing first week back we had! The children in 3 Blue are just fantastic and have really enjoyed reading the The Jungle Book, we have had fun doing many different activities, we have created some fantastic jungle animal masks, made some great collages and even completed some character and setting descriptions. Towards the end […]

1 Blue – Book Week

WOW! What an amazing first week back we have had! We have been exploring the book Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson. The children have been creating characters, describing settings and researching their favourite dinosaurs using the internet.  Take a look at our super first week in 1 Blue! Keep up the good work 1 Blue!

6 Blue Book Week

What a fantastic start to year 6! Below are a few pictures showcasing your adventure through David Wiesners classic Tuesday story. Please share a few sentences about your week and your learning. 

4 Red Book Week

This week we have been looking at the book ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl.  The children have produced some fantastic work which we have displayed in our classroom and myself and Miss Farrell are really impressed.  We ended the week by watching the movie so we can compare it to the story.  Please watch the […]

The Island drama in 6 Red

Today in 6 Red we have been getting into role as characters from our book. We thought about the different actions and created mini role plays to depict their personalities. What drama techniques did you apply? What was the most challenging aspect of the task? 

2 Red – The Egg

Below are some questions about the book we have been reading this week. Answer the questions using sentences.  Please remember to use capital letters and full stops.  If you look carefully at the pictures they will give you a clue. 1.Where did George find the egg?       George found the egg under …    […]

Prince Pondicherry’s Palace

Over the last 2 days, 6 White have been conducting a scientific investigation into factors that help chocolate melt slowly. They did this in response to the challenge from Chapter 3 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: ‘Prince Pondicherry wrote a letter to Mr Willy Wonka,’ said Grandpa Joe, ‘and asked him to come all […]

2 Red Book Week Part 1

This week our learning is based around the book, ‘The Egg’ by M P Robertson. What a great start to book week and a new school year! 2 Red were busy collecting materials to build a nest and stumbled across an enormous egg. Take a look below… We have also been busy designing and creating […]

Book Week: Day 1 in 2 Blue

Well what a wonderful start to life in 2 Blue! You were all fantastic and showed me that you are definitely ready for the challenges ahead. Our book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson has lots of rhyming and animals in, so our learning today was based around those things. Can you remember any […]

T U E S D A Y (David Wiesner)

Below are a few images from our story. Please use your inference skills to answer the questions in full sentences. At what point in the day is it? How do you know How does the turtle appear to be reacting? Why might this be? Write a dialogue between the Turtle and the Frog? What vocabulary […]

Visit to Waterstones Book Shop

Today the Broad Heath Junior Librarians visited Waterstones Book shop in the city centre. There was a brief tour of the shop (including places where the public aren’t allowed!) and time to purchase some books for the school library. Hopefully their own blogs will tell you what it was like! Come on Junior Librarians!

2 Red – Poetry in the sun

We listened to a range of silly poems and discussed how they were delivered. Then it was our turn to choose a poem and practise performing it.  We worked with a partner or with our group, videoing and helping each other to improve our performances.  Did you think your poem was funny? Why?  When performing […]

Miss H.B’s Reading Club

Week 1 In the first session who looked at a non-fiction book called Animal Feet. Each child contributed meaningfully by taking turns to read, speak and listen to one another.Whilst reading we developed an understanding on how the writer has used features within the non-fiction text. How were the bold words used? We were all […]