4 Blue WOW! Work

Wow! What a term it has been. Once again, 4 Blue have made a huge effort this term in all areas of their learning, English, Maths, Science, Topic, Art and Design, PSHE, SMSC and Basic Skills. What an amazing, positive term we have had!Children have shown values such as, kindness, communication, resilience, teamwork, empathy, knowledge, […]

4B’s WOW! Work

Wow! What a great afternoon we had in 4B learning about the Life of a Tudor, the rich and the poor. We used our knowledge and research skills to find out all about Tudor lifestyle. Take a look at the fantastic work produced by 4B below. Share 3 facts you learnt!

Year 4 – Wizard of Oz Day ✨

As part of our learning in English this term, Year 4 have been learning all about play scripts. In particular, we have been looking at ‘The Wizard of Oz’. To celebrate the end of our topic, we have had a ‘Wizard of Oz’ day in Year 4, where children had the opportunity to enjoy a […]

The Tudors

As part of our Topic learning this term, Year 4 will be learning all about The Tudors. Watch the video below on Henry III and share 3 facts that you have learnt. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z47cydm Have a go at the Tudors quiz below: Quiz Comment your score below!

⭐️Year 4 Well-Being Day ⭐️

Wow! What a fantastic well-being day we have had in Year 4. Well-being is an important part of our everyday lives. Well-being helps us to build our resilience, develop our physical well-being and improve our health. The 5 ways to well-being are:– Be aware of your surroundings and reflect on what you are feeling. – […]


This week in Year 4, we have started our new topic ‘Decimals’. Decimal numbers are numbers which are not whole. For example: 11.5 is a decimal number, between the numbers 11 and 12. That means that the number 11.5 is more than 11, but less than 12. We use decimals for many different things, such […]

4B’s ‘Rock Star of the Week’

Congratulations to Abdulasiis for being this week’s ‘TTRS champion’! You have made brilliant progress and done really well in practicing your times tables. You have achieved an average time of 9 minutes, 30 seconds. You have earned a total of 28,000 coins. This is fantastic! ⭐️ Big well done to you! Keep up the great […]

4B Let’s Celebrate – Spring 2 🎉

What a fantastic term it has been for Year 4! A great way to end the Spring term. Children have come back with growth mindsets, a positive attitude towards learning and made efforts throughout. It has been amazing to see all of the hard work put in and the progress made. Please take a moment […]

Hearing Safety

In Science this week, Year 4 have been learning about Hearing Safety and Sound. There are many ways we can protect our ears and hearing such as: Using hearing protection Turning the volume down Avoid loud noises Take a look at some of the amazing posters on Hearing Safety created by 4B today. Answer the […]

Information Texts

This week in Year 4, we have started a new topic in English and will be learning about information texts. What is an information text and what is the purpose of an information text?An information text is non-fiction writing. The purpose of an information text is to inform the reader about a particular topic. What […]

Year 4: Equivalent Fractions

This week in our Maths learning, Year 4 have been looking at equivalent fractions. Equivalent means equal. An equivalent fraction is a fraction simplified into a smaller one, which are the same. Some examples of equivalent fractions are:1/2 and 2/4 1/4 and 2/8 Equivalent fractions can also be shown by using a bar model: Answer […]

4B’s ‘Rockstar of the Week’

Our ‘Rockstar of the Week’ in 4 Blue this week is Mosaver. Well done Mosaver! You have been practicing your times tables daily and making excellent progress. You have earned 3,850 coins and got a total of 385 questions correct. Excellent! 😃 We are all so proud of you! ⭐️

Year 4 – Fractions practice

This term in Year 4, we will be learning about Fractions. To start off our Maths learning this term, we have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions, understanding the importance of the numerator and denominator in fractions. To begin with, let’s start off with recapping what a unit and non-unit fraction is: Unit fraction:A […]

4B’s Feedback Friday Zoom

Hi Year 4! On Friday 5th March, 4B will be having our ‘Feedback Friday’ zoom call at 10:00am Please make sure you are in the waiting room by 9:55, so that you can join in time. Here is the link to tomorrow’s zoom call. The password is the same as before. It is the country […]

4B’s World Book Day – 04.03.21

WOW! World Book Day in 4B has been so much fun! It was so lovely to see you all in your amazing, creative costumes. Well done to you all! It has been nice to see everyone come together as a team, taking part, having fun and sharing their favourite characters and books. Please watch the […]

How To Train Your Dragon – Chapter 4

Good morning Year 4! Today, I will be reading Chapter 4 of our class novel ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, written and illustrated by Cressida Cowell. Watch the video below: Chapter 4 Please answer the questions below:1) What did they want to call Hiccups dragon?2) What does ‘smug’ mean? 3) Find an example of an […]

Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 02.03.21

Good morning Year 4! I hope you are all safe and well. Today, we will be learning about understanding how our choices can affect other people in society. Please watch the video below for today’s home learning: PSHE Complete today’s home learning tasks: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze: Silver: Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang […]

⭐️ 4B Let’s Celebrate – 26.02.21 ⭐️

Wow 4 Blue! Such an amazing week yet again. You have all tried so hard in your home learning. A fantastic way to start Spring 2. You have shown resilience, communication, kindness, teamwork and lots of knowledge, sharing interesting facts that you have learnt this week and creating lovely pieces of work that I have […]

Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 25.02.21

Upload Point Good morning Year 4! This term in PSHE, we will be learning about making sensible choices. To begin with, start by watching the video below: Have a think about how you and the people around you can make sensible choices. Watch the video below for today’s home learning task: Complete today’s home learning […]