5 White Superstars

Hello 5 White, Just wanted to say a big well done to our athletes in 5 White, who partook in an athletics competition at the Excel Centre representing Broad Heath. Brilliant effort girls. Proud of you!

SkyBlue – 5 White in the Community

Hi 5 White, Skyblues, visited Year 5 today and we have had a chance to further our learning and partake in physical activities on the all-weather pitch. Here are some photos from this afternoon. Remember, Harry has set a task for you to complete. The best one will get a prize on Monday. Looking for […]

Reading Competition: 5 White

You will be glad to know that we are relaunching our reading competition in class. Let’s see who reaches the Supernova first. Will you be the one? Remember that there is a prize for the first 6 children who get there first! So come on, get reading. Get set go………

World Book Day -The Hobbit- Year 5

Hi 5 White, Today we celebrated World Book Day, we were enthralled, learning about and captivated by the world of ‘The Hobbit!’ We had a lot of fun dressing up and getting into character. What an amazing day! What an adventure! Please share what you enjoyed today.

Sky Blues:5 White: In the community

Hi 5 White, Hello 5 White, This half term we have had SkyBlue in the community who have come in each Friday afternoon to work with Year 5. They have shared the Joy of Movement starting off in Week 1- Physical Activity, in Week 2 we learnt about how physical activity can effect body and […]

Victorian Day-5 White

Dear 5 White, Here are the highlights from our Victorian Day. We started the day by talking about the impact of how the railway was first invented in the Victorian Times, looking at how it revolutionised Britain. We then went onto evaluating the Victorian era- golden age and comparing it to the bad points of […]

Push and Pull Factors- 5 White

Greetings 5 White, Today, we identified and learnt about the ‘Push and Push Factors’ influencing Victorian family migration. Please watch our videos and answer the questions. Why did people move? What were push and pull factors? Give examples. Vocabulary you can use: Push and Pull Factors Migration Hygiene What is a push factor? What is […]

Year 5 – Riddles: 5 White

Hi 5 White, As promised here are a few riddles for you to solve. Have fun and we will share the answers in class next week. Questions: What belongs to you but others use it more? What number is odd, until you take away one letter and it becomes even? What is orange, has a […]

Phonics-Year 5-Mrs Habib

Hi, Emma and Rishi. This week we are learning ‘ar’ sound. Make sure that you please read your phonics book ‘Come on, Margo’. Please also watch the video to practise the sound. You can also watch phonics on Broad Heath Media Phonics to help you.

5 White – Investigating Forces

This half-term we are learning about Forces. We now know that essentially a force is a push or pull. Today we learnt about Friction and explored the effects of friction using our investigative skills. Can you answer some questions on the blog please. What do you now know about friction? Explain using full sentences. What […]

Motivation Wall- 5 White-Autumn Term

Greetings 5 White, What a fabulous, great Autumn Term we have had! Mr Kane are so proud of each and everyone of you! We would like you to reflect on this term and share what school value you have used and how it has helped you? What Broad Heath value will you take inspiration from […]

Mrs Habib’s Phonics- Year 5

Hello Rishi and Emma, This week we are looking at the OW (digraph) sound. Here is a of video to practise this sound. You can also go on Broad heath media and go to the phonics section. Make sure you read your phonics book to practise this too. Have fun!

Book reviews-5 White

Hello 5 White, What is your favourite book? Tell us why? Would you recommend it to your friends? Write a short review on the book you have chosen. You need to write at least one paragraph. You can write this in your homework book or a piece of paper make sure that your handwriting is […]

5 White

Hi 5 White, Some of you have said that the link posted on the blog last Friday did not work. Please use the link below for your homework. Thank you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vS6JlMlcAPjwwqtNIJxX2aiSFOXcec8eJMMYU4_jIwJH1XsZrCEMDeSxIwimtrYdA/pub

Celebrations in 5 White!!

Hello 5 White, Just wanted to share some awesome celebrations with you all, to showcase all the exemplary things happening within our class. Children who get 10/10 on their spellings. Truly amazing presentation. Keep it up! Super Readers of the week. Super proud of you all! Keep achieving and believing!

Mrs Habib’s Phonics Group-Year 5

Hi Rishi and Emma, This week we have looked and practised the sound ’ay’ (digraph). Look at our photos to help you remember. We are reading Playday to help us learn the ’ay’ sound. Please read this book and practise the sound. There is a worksheet I have given you. There are real and nonsense […]

5 White embark on an adventure…..

Hi 5 White, Yesterday we went on adventure following clues around the school grounds and found …..The City of Gold! We are now prepared to start our new topic in English-Adventure stories. We will be learning this in more depth starting with the story ‘The road to El Dorado’. Please look at our photos from […]

Surrealism- 5 White

Today we have learnt about surrealism. We have presented our findings using Picollage and Popplet . Please view our gallery below. We now know of artists that have used ‘surrealism’ in their artwork. We have used our Broad Heath values in collating this information and presenting it. Can you name another artist who is famous […]

1960s Day- Year 5- What did we find out?

Happy 1960s day Year 5! Here are some photos of our research into the 1960s. What facts have you learnt, what was most interesting? Below are some questions you could answer. Alternatively, you can share any other facts you have learnt from the 1960. Please share your answers on the blog. How were the computers […]

Reading is out of this world! 5 White

Hi 5 White. As discussed earlier today, Mr Kane and I, are running a Reading Competition in 5 White. We expect 2 short books to be read (7 days) or 1 thicker book to be read, you will however get more time (10 days). Remember the best readers will be rewarded with a prize. So […]

Protest Culture -1960s- 5 White

We have been learning about Protests in Topic. In the 1960s protest culture emerged, particularly amongst the youth. People were now anti-war and as wars raged became more anti-establishment. Across the world the Civil rights, rights-movement inspired people to fight for equal rights. Do we still see protests fighting for rights today? How? Why? Do […]